shaina bio

Shaina Harrison also known as Out of the Corner most likely has the longest bio in the history of blogger bios however she’s absolutely okay with that. We get it, it’s not a biography the word is shortened to remind us to simply take some sh*t out. But we can’t AND we won’t because it’s her. “Styling lives by creating brave spaces” takes more than just knowing where to order the newest trend. It’s about finding your purpose, being at peace with your past while chasing your destiny. So yeah that’s hard enough; however, Shaina teaches us how to look good from the inside out while doing it. Sounds complicated? Let me make it simple. Shaina Harrison is a Teacher,  an Activist, a Crisis Councilor, a Friend, a Comedian, a Stylist, a Lover and your Sister.

We hope you want more, because it gets better.

Shaina is a fab Plus Size Brooklyn girl  who has a love for fashion and vintage clothing. She believes designers before us truly knew a women’s silhouette. Her Goal is to encourage frugal spending, personal style and creative thinking. Her post will cover a collection of things from finding your own personal style to designing your ideal life.

Contrary to popular belief Shaina believes all plus size women don’t need to have big breast, big hips, or big butts! But what we do and must posses is an unmovable desire to appreciate our beautiful bodies!!!! FASHION and Heart gives us a level playing field, no matter how much money you make, where you come from, your body type…. that’s the equalizer!

 Shaina says “Being publicly fat and happy is hard; being publicly, shamelessly, unshakably fat and happy is an act of both will and bravery. Lets own it!

Over the years Shaina has facilitated hundreds of trauma and wellness training’s encouraging her to create the Brave Space INC. ‘Styling Lives by Creating Brave Spaces. A culmination of events and workshops that foster spaces where different points on a journey of learning and growing are acknowledged.  Through interactive presentations, participants engage in critical dialog through conscious questioning and active listening. Workshops coined by the Brave Space Inc.  “Recovering from Our Childhoods”, “PLUS and Proud” , “Falling in Love from the Inside Out” and “Motherless Children.” Shaina commitment to building strong communities and power-fullness has been documented by the New Yorker, NBC TV’s Here and Now, NY1 and many other media outlets. Shaina Harrison holds a B.A. from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Shaina is the Program Director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV)  She has been working with NYAGV for over eight years to reduce gun violence through legislative advocacy and education designed to encourage action, influence public opinion and lead to policy change. Shaina’s primary focus is to educate and support young adults and woman by building capacity for leadership in communities where conflict, low self-esteem and poverty continues to both plague and encourage powerlessness.