The Perfect Dress : The Fat Girl Edition

With tons of online boutiques popping up every day on Instagram and Facebook it’s difficult to find which stores sell the items we want for the best prices. Gitionline happens to be one of my favorite online stores to grab the latest trends. Fully stocked with new arrivals, you are certain to find what you’re looking for at a reasonable… View Post

A List of Things Fat People Shouldn’t Wear

Fat women shouldn’t wear stripes. Fat women shouldn’t wear prints, big hair,  bright colors or anything else that requires being seen. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about, someone else’s comfortability. Look. When we reject societies standards of beauty and what’s fashionable the ones who live and die by the code can’t function.  I’m just saying… View Post

Royal Swiss Lace Giveaway   A giveaway already? Uhhh yeah! So if you are following me on snapchat username (outofthecorner)  you know I am totally obsessed with hair! Like walking pass a beauty supply store without going in feels a lot like ordering a chipotle bowl without a free “water cup,” Weird. Virgin, synthetic, mix blend, red blonde blue or… View Post

Back at It AGAIN With the Sequin…

How long has it been? To long!  One day I will explain why I stopped blogging and why I’m starting again but honestly I just want to enjoy this slay. I’ve always been between a size 16 and 22. Take a stroll through my pervious pics and you will see just what I mean. No matter my size I managed… View Post

Are you Brave Enough?

Welcome to the Brave Space As an educator and community activist it’s important for me to create brave spaces. Whether in the classroom or in my relationships being able to have honest conversations is essential to designing your ideal life. I’m kind of in the plus size industry and I’ve been asked to participate in plenty of panels around being plus… View Post