5 Reasons Why I Hate Eloquii

  1.  We have a bit of an unhealthy relationship Eloquii is like an ex-boyfriend I can’t fully get over. I’m constantly checking their Instagram, website and Facebook page to see what they’re up to. Are there support groups for this kind of behavior? 2.    It’s impossible to keep my coins. Why so many trendy pieces’ man. They have everything. Some days… View Post

An Affordable Plus Size All White Look Book| Styled By Out of the Corner

  I recently had the pleasure of styling Pop Up Plus all white Look book. From picking the new arrivals, jewelry and hair  to scouting locations it was so much fun! Pop Up Plus is an online and pop up shop for curvy trendsetters sizes 14 +.  The greatest part about styling for Pop Up Plus is the freedom to be both Edgy and… View Post

Put a belt on it: The Plus Size obsession with having a visibly smaller waist.

The waist belt is an addiction. No seriously it is.  Death to the Mu Mu is a thing, not because of the awkward patterns but the silhouette. In this movement of being sexy at any size most of us believe it’s a necessity to show our ratio. Come on you know I’m not lying. The slimmer we look the more… View Post

So….You’re Afraid to Wear an Off the Shoulder Top?

   So, you’re afraid to wear an off the shoulder top? Is it your double chin? Your board shoulders? Still scared to rock the crop? I get it. That was me too. I don’t know how many fabulous silhouettes I decided not to try because of my apple shape. No Body Cons, pass me the A-LINE and then I realized that… View Post

I Wore A Crop Top Today and Guess What Happened…

Absolutely nothing. Okay so maybe a little more than nothing. A couple of thin chicks requested details on my fit and an aggressive Police Officer slide me his number. When I say nothing I mean all of the things I thought would happen …didn’t.  I’m going to assume you’re confused and explain what I mean in one sentence. No one… View Post