Just a little Jelly (Fall Look Book Plaid/Tartan)

“Something happens the minute you start loving your body. It’s like you can’t keep it hidden underneath tunics  anymore”.



Once  upon a time it was 70 degrees in October and that’s when I originally wore this outfit. Now I can not think about an expose stomach when it 35 degrees here in NYC. How ironic as I type this and check the weather it will be close to 70 tomorrow.  Global warming at its finest. Any-who plaid/tartan is back and in full swing this season. My closet is full of the pattern. I recently went thrifing and scored tons including this amazing detailed blazer which will be added to Out of the Corner Boutique in December.  How much are you feeling the trend? How are you incorporating it into your wardrobe?



Blazer : Thrifted

Plaid Crop Top: Here

Skirt : Get similar Here

Shoes : Here


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  1. Soph
    November 6, 2013 / 4:09 pm

    YESSS! Killed it!
    Plaid is my favorite trend this fall! Glad to see it being rocked so fiercely! Giving me all kinds of inspiration and ideas for future outfits!

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