I Finally Found a Fall Hat that Fits!!!!


Wait did you feel that? Girl, that’s what we call a breeze. With weather like this I am notorious for bringing out my darker colored maxi dresses. Adding a super cute hat and a pair of your favorite bootiies the transition from summer to fall is foolproof. Something amazing happens when the wind hits a good maxi, your life begins to dance around you. Maxi dresses are such staple pieces in my wardrobe. The silhouette works for everyone. With the right accessories this dress can be worn all year round.



Super Comfy Booties available up to a size 12


Side note: Divas looking for a hat that will fit 6 bundles of Yaki straight hair…. this beauty from  Urban Outfitters will do the trick. I know hard this task can be. I am the captain of the big head committee however Brixton makes some of the best! I cant wait to purchased an additional one in green.



Hat: Urban Outfitters

Dress: PopupplusNY

Booties :Nine West

Bag; Brooklyn Boutique


Thanks for reading divas. 😉 xoxoxo.

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  1. Chardline
    October 11, 2016 / 12:23 pm

    Beautiful dress and beautiful hat!!! Love this whole look <3.

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