A One-Stop Shop for Fashion and Beauty

Shopping with JCPenney is such a utopic experience. Everything you need to create the perfect look can be found in one place. From beautiful dresses and super cute shoes to handbags and outerwear. Talk about a time saver. Not only is JCPenney a one-stop shop for fashion, but beauty as well. JCPenney began opening Sephora Inside JCPenney stores in October… View Post

I Finally Found a Fall Hat that Fits!!!!

  Wait did you feel that? Girl, that’s what we call a breeze. With weather like this I am notorious for bringing out my darker colored maxi dresses. Adding a super cute hat and a pair of your favorite bootiies the transition from summer to fall is foolproof. Something amazing happens when the wind hits a good maxi, your life… View Post

The Best Online Plus Size Thrift Stores

It’s time to bring out your favorite blazers and sweaters. Fall means so much to a fashionista like me. Vintage shopping during the colder months allows you to spice up your wardrobe without spending a ton of money. I am a in person thriftier. Nothing makes me happier than searching through racks of reduced priced garments hoping for a gem.… View Post

Here’s to having a long distance relationship with..

 …Fall  Summer please go about your business! I am so ready for good hair and even better make up. So here’s the tea…I ‘m ashamed of the things I would do for a cool breeze and a good boot. It’s currently 86 degrees in New York and I’m over it. I have things to wear and streets to slay no… View Post

Stylish, Affordable and such a Great Fit : JCPENNEY introduces Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+™

I can remember the day Ashley Nell Tipton won Project Runway season 14. It was like she won for the entire plus size community. I smiled so wide with such pride knowing a woman who looked just like me won making clothing …for women like me. Naturally I was ecstatic when I found out Ashley would be collaborating with JCPENNEY… View Post