28 Things I learned before I turned 29

  Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!  I wanted to write a long post all about the things I’ve learned but let’s be serious that would take forever. I decided to create a list instead. Reading this list out loud sent chills down my spine. Every single one ironically brought me back to that place of confusion and clarity.                                                                    I. Am.… View Post

The Perfect White Dress for the Woman who Hates Wearing White

I don’t understand the summer obsession with all white parties. The combination of perspiration, Mac NW45, Ruby woo and a godly fit just doesn’t mix to me. Like, why I “gotta” wear white? Can I just do a pearl beige? Would they let me in wearing a soft champagne? The questions I ask myself as the invitations begin rolling in.… View Post

In Need of a Little Sunshine

Hey guys………With the current state of the union uploading a blog post right now just seemed a bit trivial. As the Program Director for New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, police and community relationships has been one of the issues my department works on rigorously. Quite honestly I am emotionally exhausted and in need of some self-care. This weekend I decided… View Post

Fat and Fabulous for the Fourth

Happy Fourth of July weekend beauties. It’s a beautiful day to be a New Yorker! I feel beyond lucky to live 5 minutes away from Brooklyn Bridge Park. As a Brooklyn native I must say Brooklyn Bridge Park is an absolute gem. From pop up pools to roller skating there’s always so much to do. I will be enjoying the… View Post

5 Reasons Why I Hate Eloquii

  1.  We have a bit of an unhealthy relationship Eloquii is like an ex-boyfriend I can’t fully get over. I’m constantly checking their Instagram, website and Facebook page to see what they’re up to. Are there support groups for this kind of behavior? 2.    It’s impossible to keep my coins. Why so many trendy pieces’ man. They have everything. Some days… View Post