We Prayed For You

  When I was growing up all I ever wanted to do was be a mom. It’s kind of weird saying that out loud but it’s the truth. As I write this post fighting back tears I question myself when it come to how “real” I should be with you guys. Well here goes.  At an early age I was… View Post

  STYLED IV LIFE As a visibly fat woman there are a few statements around my fatness and my abilities because of it that irk me to my core. Dressing nice for a big girl honestly is up there in the top three. Stop saying that shit! Backhanded compliments sound nice at first but are really insults when considered in its entirety.… View Post

4 Things EVERY WOMAN Should Do for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming whether we like it or not. Some of us loath this time of year, as we watch the New Year’s hats turn into huge heart shaped candy boxes. Others wait anxiously while leaving hints of gift ideas for their significant others. No matter where you fall on the spectrum this holiday, this list is sure to inspire… View Post

Put a belt on it: The Plus Size obsession with having a visibly smaller waist.

The waist belt is an addiction. No seriously it is.  Death to the Mu Mu is a thing, not because of the awkward patterns but the silhouette. In this movement of being sexy at any size most of us believe it’s a necessity to show our ratio. Come on you know I’m not lying. The slimmer we look the more… View Post

I Wore A Crop Top Today and Guess What Happened…

Absolutely nothing. Okay so maybe a little more than nothing. A couple of thin chicks requested details on my fit and an aggressive Police Officer slide me his number. When I say nothing I mean all of the things I thought would happen …didn’t.  I’m going to assume you’re confused and explain what I mean in one sentence. No one… View Post