As a visibly fat woman there are a few statements around my fatness and my abilities because of it that irk me to my core. Dressing nice for a big girl honestly is up there in the top three. Stop saying that shit! Backhanded compliments sound nice at first but are really insults when considered in its entirety. Just like micro aggressions which are statements that are ignorant and usually stereotype an entire group of people. I do not dress nice for a fat girl; I DRESS NICE. Granted many people do not understand why their remarks are negative, hell sometimes I don’t catch it until a few minutes later. The bottom line is, statements like those make your compliments conditional. Dressing nice is not limited to smaller women.  Chill with your low expectations of plus size women. Chill with your expectations of plus size women. Period.



Styled4life is a project created in collaboration with my beautiful FRIEND Maui to address micro aggressions like the one above. Maui is a Lifestyle blogger and curator over at PhatGirlFresh. Maui and I have built such a strong bond out of recognizing the dopeness in each other. In the short few years, we have facilitated difficult conversations in our once “safe” spaces surrounding body positivity, love, style and overall sisterhood. From our experiences as plus size influencers contributing to the community, we know firsthand that more needs to be done.



Styled4life is not the answer however it is a piece of the puzzle that will encourage women to think critically about the way we see, dress, and love ourselves.  The Body Positive movement is gaining recognition and support from people inside and out of our community; however we have a long way to go. From fashion style guides that are counterproductive to campaigns that are far from inclusive, we can do more and we will. Together.

Are you excited yet?  There is more!  We wrote a style guide to kick off our collaboration, which releases late April during for purchase at the Life Styled by PHAT Girl Fresh event on April 29, 2017

 Thank you all for the encouragement… this is because of you. More info below.


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