The Perfect Plus Size BodyCon Dress

I’ve been gone for a minute now I’m back with the jump off. Listen today is the inauguration and I need a distraction. My entire life is filled with politics, advocacy and just working toward a better quality of life of all of us and today sucks. I just want to talk about something else. Who’s with me? This Contrast Binding… View Post

Las Vegas Fun With Catherines

  Hey girl hey! Guess what! Your girl got on an airplane. Many of you have been a part of my countless conversations surrounding my fear of anything involving airports, airplanes and being off of the ground. Well that’s changing. For the New Year I have committed to pushing myself to do things that may have crippled me from experiencing… View Post

A One-Stop Shop for Fashion and Beauty

Shopping with JCPenney is such a utopic experience. Everything you need to create the perfect look can be found in one place. From beautiful dresses and super cute shoes to handbags and outerwear. Talk about a time saver. Not only is JCPenney a one-stop shop for fashion, but beauty as well. JCPenney began opening Sephora Inside JCPenney stores in October… View Post

I Finally Found a Fall Hat that Fits!!!!

  Wait did you feel that? Girl, that’s what we call a breeze. With weather like this I am notorious for bringing out my darker colored maxi dresses. Adding a super cute hat and a pair of your favorite bootiies the transition from summer to fall is foolproof. Something amazing happens when the wind hits a good maxi, your life… View Post

The Best Online Plus Size Thrift Stores

It’s time to bring out your favorite blazers and sweaters. Fall means so much to a fashionista like me. Vintage shopping during the colder months allows you to spice up your wardrobe without spending a ton of money. I am a in person thriftier. Nothing makes me happier than searching through racks of reduced priced garments hoping for a gem.… View Post