How I Dress for Bipolar Weather

  This weather is bit ridiculous here in New York. First it’s 35 degrees next its a cool 82. Global warming could care less if you believe in it or not it’s going to happen anyway. With that said I couldn’t  possibly put away my winter essentials. Learning to fashionably mix up my wardrobe has opened up my closet to so… View Post

4 Things EVERY WOMAN Should Do for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming whether we like it or not. Some of us loath this time of year, as we watch the New Year’s hats turn into huge heart shaped candy boxes. Others wait anxiously while leaving hints of gift ideas for their significant others. No matter where you fall on the spectrum this holiday, this list is sure to inspire… View Post

Sephora Favorites Refresh, Set and Glow Kit

  JCPenney’s decision to open up Sephora Inside JCPenney stores has been heaven-sent. I am obsessed with the sheer convenience. Fashion and beauty all in one place, what else could a girl ask for? I’m addicted to Sephora Kits, it a great way to try new products without spending a ton of money. #SephorainJCP has put together a Sephora Favorites… View Post

Elvi! One of the Leading Brands in Plus Size Fashion!

Every so often, we may come across a brand that just speaks to our lifestyle. From their choices in fabrics to their color palate and silhouettes ; everything is on point. That brand for me has to be Elvi I am filled with so much excitement as I write this blog post you guys have no idea! Elvi understands wear-ability… View Post

Plus Size Work Wear

Every woman in the world needs a dress that not only makes her feel beautiful but powerful. This is that dress. Eloquii has officially become one of my favorite online plus size clothing stores for work wear. I must admit whether you are working in cooperate, America or teaching in a classroom you should be able to bring your style… View Post